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Chapter 2: Clash of the Sacred Artifacts -Shinjuku Cataclysm-
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Chapter 4: Missionaries -Dogma City, Aoyama-

Rulers of Ikebukuro[]

The chapter begins with a look into a text communication between two monikers named Alhazred and Cain. They have not spoken in over a month, but wish to the discuss the App. They decide to meet in person the next day at Ikebukuro station as it is close by to where Alhazred lives in Shinjuku. This would be the first time they meet in person.

Back at the school dorm, the Protagonist and Shiro are speaking when they meet Moritaka who says he's off on an errand. Shiro invites the Protagonist to his room to discuss the previous day's chaotic events. Shiro mentions that the Protagonist may even be a transient themselves, as Ryota found them just when the Shinjuku Central Park Gate flashed brightly. All transients usually have peculiar physical attributes that give them away, but perhaps there are some that look like ordinary humans. Shiro asks that the Protagonist think about whether they wish to return to their home world when they recover all of their memory. They then return to discussing the App and its functions. Shiro notes that the 'Guild' option is greyed out on both their phones. Ryota joins them and mentions that he is on his way to Aoyama. He asked for a lot of favours the previous day to help track down Shiro and is now off to pay them back. Shiro tells the Protagonist that he is meeting a friend for the first time in Ikebukuro who may have some information about the App, and he would like the Protagonist to accompany him.

Shiro suddenly realises that he has not seen Kengo around. He deduces that he must have gone to Ikebukuro as it is his day off. He and the Protagonist hurriedly make their way to Ikebukuro to stop Kengo from getting into harm. Ikebukuro is described as a dangerous part of the Toshima ward. The center of Tokyo's underground where the hot blooded congregate. They hold many street fights for entertainment and Kengo is drawn to these. They eventually find him taking part in a brawl with some students.

With the battle over, Kengo declares that he has made up his mind not to return to the school. He states that he has no friends and that he can make money through winning fights in the street fights. Shiro attempts to change his mind, which only leads to a brawl between the two of them. With Shiro defeated, Kengo runs off. Shiro is dismayed and refuses to believe that Kengo has become such a terrible person. He summons his D-evil familiars and with their help soon tracks down Kengo's location. They track him down to the Arti del Teatro theatre. Upon reaching it, they are greeted with a male student being flung out the doors, a white furred lion therian in butler attire standing in the threshold. The student claims he is after money, but the butler simply flings him aside, claiming that such an unruly guest would tarnish the estate. He then introduces himself as Snow. Shiro explains the situation, but Snow states that only those recognised as the strongest of heroes may enter the den of the Ikebukuro Colosseum. They also require an introduction from an established gladiator, as per the Master's rules. Thus the duo deduce that they would have to challenge Snow to a dual to prove their strength.

Shiro and the Protagonist give it their best. But Snow gracefully avoids their attacks while delivering his own blows. After a few minutes, Snow acknowledges that the youngsters show courage and strength. Yet they still require the introduction of a gladiator for entry. He brings the fight to an end by summoning his sacred artifact, a set of triple chakram discs that unleash a blinding white light. The Protagonist is knocked unconscious, but briefly sees Salomon a split second before passing out.

Infiltrating the Ikebukuro Guild[]

When they come to, they are at Ikebukuro West station. A tall young man, and a shorter boy, both with white hair are standing above them. The man explains that Shiro had dragged the Protagonist away from the scene before passing out himself. Shiro finally comes to and addresses the man. He realises that this was who he planned on meeting that day. He introduces the man as Shuichi Togo. A top performing student from another school. Shuichi mentions how there was a report of a sacred artifact that allows a strange creature to travel to and from the digital world. He wanted to discuss this and the App. When Shiro asks how he came to know of the App and sacred artifacts, Shuichi then loudly proclaims that he is the guild master of the Wisemen guild of the Bunkyo ward. And that the young boy, his brother named Duo is the lieutenant. Upon hearing this declaration, guild members from the Ikebukuro Berserker guild show up to do battle. Shuichi summons his sacred artifact to fight back.

With the battle over, Shuichi explains that he wished for this outcome. As he wanted to impress his little brother and collect information on Shiro through this sacred artifact's power. He was also able to collect information on the Ikebukuro Berserkers guild. This included information on Kengo. He explains that Kengo is being lured by the Berserkers towards a nefarious end. He then asks that Shiro consider joining the Wisemen guild. While they talk, Moritaka appears. He explains that Shuichi gave him the errand to act as a guide for the Protagonist and take them back to the Ikebukuro guild. Moritaka being a known gladiator is able to officially invite the Protagonist in. But they must still fight against the gatekeeper Garmr to prove their strength.

The battle was over quickly. Garmr recognises the Protagonist's strength and allows them to pass. He notes that he feels as though he has met the Protagonist before, though the Protagonist has no recollection of any such event. Once inside, they are greeted by Snow again. To the Protagonist's surprise, he does not wish to fight. Claiming that there is no need now that they are recognised as a respected guest. He praises the Protagonist for withstanding his charge attack earlier. Noting that many others would have lost their minds after having experienced the pain of the attack. Snow claims that the strength to withstand pain and death is what sets Ikebukuro Berserkers apart from the rest. Moritaka escorts them to the colosseum changing rooms and takes his leave.

Here the Protagonist bumps into a gladiator transient named Bathym. He explains that the current area is for Unranked members, if Kengo isn't here then he may be a Ranked member. One of the top ten strongest members who stay in a separate area of the guild. The only way to meet them, is to become a Ranked member yourself by proving oneself in colosseum battles. The Protagonist knows what they must do.