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Ellie is the Guild Master of Kabukicho Outlaws. A normal student turned vampire, Ellie enjoys the fame and fortune from her newfound power and embraces her nocturnal lifestyle, though she still remains kind and courteous toward her friend Suzuka, guildmates, and her respected teacher Mr. Kresnik.

Following her fateful meeting with Tanetomo, Ellie decides to honor her guildmate Shino's last wish by searching and reuniting the remaining members of the Hakkenshi.

Role in the Story[]

Chapter 11: The Moonlit Wars[]

Chapter 12[]

Paradise Hot Spring Village of Hell[]

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Ellie is among the missing people that are trapped in the underworld. The protagonist and Horkeukamui can visit her shop where she offers the protagonist a "Bloodsucking Course", a course featuring her sucking out all of her "client" sins through their blood, with Horkeu himself being taken as her "client". Fortunately, before any act can be carried out, her business partner Tanetomo calls off the service by giving her a lecture, freeing Horkeu from her grasp.

Description In The Game[]

3 Stars[]

"Guild Master of the Outlaws, a guild in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, who is known to many as the Queen of Kabukicho. She also takes night classes at Kabukicho Academy and is a popular model with an active platform on every single form of media. When she was bitten by a vampire, resulting in her transformation into one of the most powerful vampires of all time, the event was widely reported throughout Tokyo, quickly becoming public knowledge. Vampires, being objects of intense worship here in Tokyo, possess equally immense strength. They become more beautiful and powerful each time they drink the blood of others, turning their victims into subservient minions. They have a natural tendency to be dormant during the day and awake and active during the night. Ellie spends some of her evenings working part-time in Kabukicho when her modeling schedule allows it. She is very fond of children, though parents tend to be quite suspicious of her, even those she knows personally."

5 Stars[]

"The Vampiric Blood coursing through her veins is her Sacred Artifact. The stronger the moonlight upon her skin, the more agile and powerful she becomes, and the more minions she can command. Her Rule is backed by the worship of the masses, and there are few individuals in Tokyo who could match her in a fight at night. Unfortunately, according to the rules of the App, Guild Battles cannot be carried out at night. Thus she is never present when the guild has to defend its territory, leading some guild members to only refer to her as the Queen sarcastically. She is fond of those who remind her of the moon, perhaps because her powers are so intrinsically linked to its light, and detests those who preach old-fashioned values. There is a shrine deifying ogres and their kind in Kabukicho, which is perhaps why such a wide variety of supernatural beings end up there."