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A proud warrior of the Canine Eight and a member of the Kendo Team. He is a Canis therian transient who is also a student of Shinjuku Academy. He often trains alongside Kengo. He is also recognised as a warrior gladiator by the Ikebukuro Guild, and thus can introduce new members to the guild. Despite this, he does not spend much time at the Ikebukuro Colosseum, only going there with Kengo occasionally. There are some there that he does not get along with.


He takes his martial arts training very seriously and strives to act with honour and respect at all times.


Introduced in early chapters, but comes into the spotlight in Chapter 3. Here he acts as an escort to the Protagonist, bringing them to the Ikebukuro Guild when they are searching for Kengo. As he is recognised as a worthy gladiator there, he is able to introduce them as an offical guest. Though the Protagonist still had to prove their physical strength in battle. He was amazed by the Protagonist's swordsmanship and wished to become friends so that they may practice dueling.

Description In The Game[]

3 Stars[]

Virtuous Dog Warrior[]

"A Transient from a world called the Land of Wa. A second-year in Shinjuku Academy. He is a young boy who swore to his now late warrior family that he would become a great samurai and make a name for himself in Tokyo by seeking the strong. Because he came from a world where war was common, he knows how to use his sword effectively in battle. He was raised as a girl by his mother when he was young, so he feels a strong affinity to those who cross-dress."

4 Stars[]

Three Foot Ice Blade[]

"He inherited a Spirit Sword Sacred Artifact originally entrusted to his father by his lord. When drawn, it becomes a glittering blade of ice. Its innate power of water is said to wash away evil and suppress monsters. Because of the history revolving around this sword, he holds a strong dislike of con artists who will say anything to trick others."

5 Stars[]

Smitten Samurai (Valentine's)[]

"He heads to the school's kendo dojo after class to train harder and longer than anybody so that he can win the next competition. He doesn't train just within his kendo club, but with practitioners from other schools and of other styles from different worlds, too. He is a warrior at heart and sees the whole world as a battlefield. He has made many friends throughout Tokyo via the sword but has not yet found someone to love. However, as he finishes his daily training, a shadow appears in the solemn twilight filtering into the otherwise empty dojo, delivering a surprise that leaves this warrior lad's heart pounding."

Noble Figure of Shining Water (Onsen Jamboree)[]

"The hot spring mountain range where everyone is doing scout activities is where Moritaka has come to master the sword and use as a training area. The new sword flash strike he learned there resembles a bear at the river hunting its prey. After the fatigue of climbing mountains and fishing in the streams, the best cure would be the hot springs after all. As he tours the springs with the friends whose dispositions he knows, both his mind and body come out feeling warm and fluffy. The warrior that always braces himself can also play like a boy his age. And then with the public face taken off, Moritaka will show even more flexibility and successfully close the distance between him and his friends. The nature of System Wa no Kuni is the mass production of heroes who will drive out demons from the world. It is a System first created by taking the light of Rules and splitting it between authority and real power.