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An Exception that came into being due to the clash between The Protagonist's Rule of Rending, and Shiro's Rule of Resurrection. These opposing Rules caused a glitch in the App, causing its processor to freeze and create the Exception along with the catastrophe it brings forth.


Yog-Sothoth takes on the appearance of a half naked man of gigantic proportions. It has black horns on its head and ash blonde shoulder length hair. It has dark skin and appears quite muscular. From its back a number of purple translucent tentacles protrude forth. It appears to have a blank, almost bored expression on its face as it reclines. It wears a chain around its neck with a yellow key as the pendent. Surrounding it are numerous black voids that blink in and out of existence. The tentacles wrap around massive skyscrapers which are around the size of its forearm, giving a sense of just how gigantic the Exception is.


Exceptions are not said to be sentient beings. They are merely Rules that have gone out of control and taken on a human like form. Therefore it is hard to say whether Yog-Sothoth actually thinks. Its actions seem to convey that it is indifferent to everything. Only moving to re-adjust itself to a more comfortable position.


It has an attribute of Nether and does not truly attack directly. Due to its massive size, mere movements such as changing seating positions lead to immense shockwaves radiating outwards. Causing massive amounts of destruction. Its tentacles meander about, clutching at whatever they come into contact with, also causing mass destruction. Perhaps its greatest weapon are the innumerable voids that surround it. They act like black holes, sucking up everything into them. The appearance of an Exception in a world also leads to catastrophic events such as the earth and sky tearing open.


  • Yog-Sothoth appears in the artwork of Azathoth's Halloween Police's variant, making him the first Exception to appear in other unit's artwork.